I just carnt

MM / Fuck you
"i fink dafid camera is okay he has kidz himself butt u carnt arrest pepul cuz sumone wrtes an artickull on da intarnet"

A real comment on youtube. Just sayin'.

Jul. 12th, 2010

Maybe I like imperfections.

I'll be what I am. A homunculus.

slade / feathers
Today I feel hollow and more jelly-like than jelly (in a spiritual way, but so much so that it affects my physical being a bit)
I tried to think of the reasons this might be.

Iron jack is going fucking crazy
(if you don't know, iron jack is the woman next door, she's like the terminator but scarier)
her kids run up and down the stairs nonstop and she fights really loud about irrelevant things like politics with her.. I would say husband, but I don't think they're married, so.. the man that lives with her (who shoots indian pornos in their basement for a living since he lost his job and asked me to test one of them)

btw, she has dead bodies buried in her back garden unbenownst to her, from the previous owner of the house (drug addicted, mentally challenged nutjob irish guy who thought he was a millionaire songwriter who had been ripped off, and that his mum was trying to kill him for his 'work' lol)

So, I've come to the conclusion there's some kind of ghostly thing that posesses inhabitants of these houses (especially that one) and it sometimes makes me ill.

Yes, I think this post is long enough to push the last one down so I can get to the links in my sidebar lol


the eye of hyde
In my Myspace inbox.

"being your asian could u answer a question for me please

i have tried browsing some women in china but whenever i try to send a message it say something about Myspace doesn!t support this or something to that affect i guess what i am asking China doesn!t want any influence from anywhere except China"


Where is the question.

It was in size 20 font by the way.

Let me recreate that for you as it was intendedCollapse )

the eye of hyde
Ok...4 years is not even a long time. Well not really.
Last night I went back to 2005 in this journal and found that I was as much of a dick as all the people who I bitch about now (in my head or otherwise). I deleted most entries from back then..

I haven't noticed it, have I changed that astronomically?
Or is it just that getting used to doing something wears down its charm?
I used to talk a LOT man.. o__O
A lot of nonsense that no one needed to read, and my head didn't need to contain.

Not only that, but the drawing side of things... I was 18 back then, for someone who's been doing it pretty much all their life, that's still old enough to be able to draw any sort of decent picture right? APPARENTLY NOT. MY GOD.

If any of you are people who were my friends back then (hardly any, but still ;;)
I.. apologise...for how lame I was and moreover, the poor display that I used to call art..

Even the pictures from only a year ago are downright embarrassing, and I still suck at it really bad right now. But as long as I can see improvement that quickly, I guess I won't be stopping until I can't. Which is obviously never.

It's just a pity that online shame is always permanently recorded somewhere, deep deep down in the data pool XDD
Maybe Mr. mailer Daemon or someone will get some good laughs out of it all.

And facebook, my bad.

I wish twitter would just suck my dick and die.

If I had one I'd post that to it.


slade / feathers
I ventured into the attic today...

There are like, dead bodies and shit up there...

You have to go up a dodgy ladder to get in, and there's no actual floor up there, only wooden beams to stand on (in the places where there's no junk piled up) and if you step on the foam inbetween those, you die. Like, literally, fall through the house and die.

Note, I'm too tall to even stand straight up there, especially if I don't want fucking webs in my hair or whatever.

Then a wasp flies in from nowhere...

oh sorry, did I say a wasp?
I meant a fucking beast of the underworld.

It was actually the size of my ass

I sprayed it to death in self defense as soon as it landed, which took about 5 minutes and half the can of spray. I mean I was spraying it directly in the face and it was just standing there like, what the fuck are you doing don't you know I don't die.

And now I dare say I've decided whenever I move out of this house, rather than going back up there to sort that shit out, I'll just light a match and throw it up there lmao

tsk tsk

slade / feathers
lmfao. Some dude in a big van just stopped in the middle of the road.. and the passenger got out, took some fucking long metal pole thing in the front garden of the house next door and put it in the van and they drove off.

what's the world coming to when you can't leave your useless metal poles out in the open without getting jacked

ED through cold

slade / feathers
Wherever I've been, whatever I've worn, I've never actually been this cold IN MY LIFE.

Just walking into the kitchen is like walking into a human sized freezer. Naked. And bald.


So it's 2009.


I've been told I should get good luck this year since this is the year of the cow, and I am infact, a cow. Quite pleased for that really.

When funny turns to violation


slade / feathers
My friend list is full of fucking shit most of it's pretty disgusting, but it's too funny to not read or delete. Especially when considering who the words are coming from. Do you people actually read what you're posting? fucking hell D:<


And don't even get me started on the communities. But they're even funnier so I can't leave them...

The kind of reaction to most things is like WHAT THE FUCK and then it's like OH MY GOSH and then it kinda becomes NO. And then the joy kicks in.

hmm.. with this kind of indecisive love/hate..or should I say lol/hate...what to do..

I guess my aim should become to get at least 50% of my list to delete me by the end of the year lmfao


slade / feathers
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